Thursday, July 8, 2010

LilyPad Bliss

LilyPad is the name of our house, because, yes, we name everything.

Here's what's going on around here lately:

Daisy the New Kitten has Taken Over

In the Garden:

Lilly & Toby on LookOut!
What have you noticed happening in your very local world?


TheAnalyst said...

I always loved the name of your house. I named my house as well.

Paula said...

It's been pouring rain here and my garden is thoroughly overgrown. However, I have been re-arranging my living room and making it a little more ME.

Lisa said...

Great photos!

Daisy's got some *serious* whisker action going on! my local world?

~Takin' it easy.
~Hanging out in A/C any chance I get
~Squirrels, chipmunks, goldfinches
~A trip to Yellow Springs today for some Brother Bear's Coffee beans and a yummy lunch
~LOTS of synchronicity with numbers


Rachel @ SuburbanYogini said...

This is our first summer in this house so we are being constantly surprised by all the amazing plants and flowers that keep popping up out of nowhere! Also yesterday a toad came a-visiting!!!

Himself did a great photo post yesterday of some of it.

Carolynn said...

I love the shot of Lily or is it Toby, the black cat. I can just imagine the furry backside wiggling back and forth in anticipation of a pounce.

I've noticed that my cat, Celine, is getting increasingly demanding on her serving staff (me & The Frenchman). She's not adverse to yelling at us first thing in the morning. Little feline.

Janaki said...

We call our house "Casa Del Los Locos" Ha;-D
Garden is full of mold because LA is still over cast... in July. I told the husband that the only thing LA had going for it was the weather and it was time to pack-up and go back to San Francisco!

I love your photo of Echinacea. Does it self seed? I have a bunch growing in my garden now and was wondering what it was going to do... Do you harvest to make tea?

Maggie May said...

our cat Bellatrix caught a grasshopper and leapt on it as it hopped for a half hour before eating it smugly on the road. we have more snails and black widows that i ever remember having. and today it felt like rain.

Carolyn said...

I love naming things, too!!! Especially French names. :) Gorgeous pics! said...

Ah, the photo post. Nice work! Especially the kitteh pics.

Jan said...

My (our) house is named "The Nest." It is that. On the back side is my huge perennial garden which right now (like yours!) is ablaze with color. I am in flower heaven. To the front is the most beautiful Bay in the world and lately we have been gifted with stellar sunsets. My heart is so happy here.... (Come say hi to Dr. E. pleeeez....)

Melita said...

LOVE it that you name everything. now i don't feel so bad since i thought i was the only one who named practically everything lol. have a great weekend. hugs!!

Yarrow said...

I have always thought that naming houses is a lovely idea. So when I finally bought one I named i Witchwood. Which, it tunrned out really suits it. Blessngs to you and Lilypad, and all who dwell there.