Friday, July 30, 2010

LilyPad Bliss

Another key for me to living well with C-PTSD is taking inventory of all the bliss and happiness and beauty in my life.  Every day.

So here is some of what is happening around our LilyPad lately:

A Baby Eggplant in Our Garden

A Decent Photo of Daisy, the Hardest Cat to Photo EVER!

Marcy and I took a short half-day trip to one of my favorite spots.

A few other good things:

This blogger, whom I adore and have had the privilege to meet, did a very sweet thing.

This came in the mail and I will be watching it over and over.

This also came in the mail.  (We couldn't help ourselves.)

And finally, this came.  I am devising a pretty different way to use it and will be sharing that with all my dear and lovely readers.

OH!  And during a prayer and meditation session this week, I got major clarity on some design work for this blog and for my movement work.  More details coming in the near future.

What are you grateful for this week?


Emma said...

Is that Chococat sticker on your car now? We have on our car, too! =D

Here's a little list from me:

*cooler temperatures this morning!
*getting a kiln!
*getting a kiln through a barter!


sweetmango said...

The photos....
1. Yum!
2. Cute!
3. Beautiful!!

Happy Blessings for both of you :)

just me said...

I had the honor and privilage to sit in meditation with a Thai Buddist monk and nun last evening. It was a blessing to be in the presence of such gentle people.

Love the picture of Daisy! We have a black dog that is impossible to photograph. Which reminds me, I am always grateful for the companionship and love of my two dogs.

Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love your little eggplant! And your kitty is super cute!
Glad to hear you are in good spirits.
Here's what I am grateful for:

This site is amazing! I am looking into adopting a kitty (or two) right now!

-The beautiful sun, in my amazing backyard. I spent a lot of the afternoon laying in the sun, reading a book.

-Living in a time of radical shift in consciousness. And I don't mean the dog and show phony Obama kind of hope that is SOLD to us, I mean a time when we are all moving in the right direction; towards loving our Mother Earth more and consuming less from her. Capitalism goes against the human spirit, and against the Earth, a fact that we are waking up to more and more. What a wonderful time to live in!
Have a fantastic weekend!

Bliss U :)

Em said...

Lovely. Your list is wonderful.

I'm grateful for:
1. doing a final edit on my poetry manuscript and sending it out in to the world
2. 3"x2 1/2" index cards. And they come in colors and in white.)
3. getting my blog launched (yay!)
4. learning about C-PTSD from you and going and looking in to it a bit more. This is important info, thank you for sharing it.