Friday, July 23, 2010

Working Past the "Hooey" of Bliss: A Note from a Reader

Me among the rocks...a very unexpected bliss.

A couple of weeks ago, I got this amazing note from reader, Kimberly, whose blog you can find over here.

What I love most about her note is the unexpected nature of what she discovered.  She thought she was happy and then she realized there still could be more.

Dear Christine,

Life is full of funny coincidences. I saw a new post from you come up on my bloglines and thought "I should comment sometime and let her know how she has inspired me." And then you shared that fabulous letter from Glenda and I knew it wasn't just a coincidence.

I started reading your blog perhaps a year ago. I followed a link from somewhere and liked what I read. I think you were talking about mindfulness, which is a topic very important to me. I subscribed, even though I thought the concept of living your bliss to be a little "hooey." But something niggled to me to subscribe and I did. At the time, I thought I was living a good, creative life. And it was. I co-own a quilting and knitting store, which surrounds me with creativity and community every day. I dabbled in fiber art and had even exhibited some of my work to good reviews. I co-created a happy home with my husband and kitties. I was happy. Wasn't that enough?

But I kept reading your blog, kept learning about how you found your bliss (and how you have embodied it), and realized that something was missing. I was happy and comfortable, but where was my bliss? The question kept niggling at me. I knew I wanted to expand my life, and for a while thought it was in painting and mixed-media. But I held back. For months I collected paints, books, and ideas. I surrounded myself with intentions and wielded my supplies like a totem, as though wishing and wanting are whole in themselves.

Finally, this past 3-day weekend spurred me into action. I headed to my studio and prepared some journal pages and some paper-cloth substrates. Yesterday morning they were cured enough to work with. I started painting and inking and within minutes was enthralled in creative ecstasy. I realized I had found my bliss. I realized who I am in a truly meaningful and life-altering way: I am an artist and I need to create. It's like I see the world in an entirely different way now. Everything is possible.

Sharing your bliss inspired me to seek out mine. Thank you.


P.S. A week ago, I was sitting on my patio, watching the birds swoop and glide and I thought "I'd love to be a bird." That was the first time in my life I ever wanted to be a bird. That gave me a hint that I was on the verge of a breakthrough.


Emma said...

How wonderful! =)

Susan said...

What a wonderful testament to the power of blogging our way to wellness as we find our bliss ...and how social media goes viral to touch the lives of those that even 10 years ago we'd have never met. Wonderful!

Susan said...

shoot...I need to subscribe to comments here. Hugs to you, Christine and friends:)

Carolynn said...

I'm still waiting for my Bliss to emerge...I have hints at what it might be, but no "aha" moments yet.

Funny, just the other day I commented to my fiance that I'd like to come back as a swallow. They're so pretty and graceful and seem so happy. Plus, I could live in a barn. Bonus!

Laurina said...

I always wonder why I love following your blog and those of other amazing women too... to be inspired, to be part of a community, to grow. This letter reminds me of why I'm reading your posts :) thanks for sharing! Now back to why I visited your site read a bit more about the first Chakra, the root chakra...looking to accept myself and others :)