Friday, September 24, 2010

Hawk Medicine

This morning as I sat and sipped some espresso, checking my email and wondering what the heck I was going to write here, I heard a lot of bird anger coming from our back yard.  Finally, the yelling penetrated the part of my brain that was awake and reminded me to get outside...there is probably a hawk nearby.

There was.  I stood out back, looking toward the tree from which most of the raucous was emanating, and sure enough, a big, beautiful Red Tail swooped down and out of that tree and headed South.  He was too fast, and by the time I ran to the front yard, he was gone.

I've written about Red Tails here before.  They are one of my life Totems.

The picture above is not from this morning but from earlier this summer, during a walk in the city cemetery.  The blurry nature of it seemed fitting to my mood.

Red Tails are often hanging about to remind us that we need to see farther.  Wider.  Bigger.  They are also associated with balance and kundalini energy.

The balance part of their message has never stood out to me before, but it's exactly what I am in need of.

Right now, in many places on these interwebs, there is a lot of discussion about balance as a bad thing.  I understand this but I think people are mistaken in some of the ways they define balance.  These writers often assert that balance means a life without passion because it means always being calm -- like that British poster "Keep Calm & Carry On."


Balance, though, just means knowing what is right for you and keeping your priorities straight at all times.

I am a highly emotional sort of person, lots of Big Passion in this animal.  But in order not to self-immolate with all of this internal fire, I need soothing waters in my life.  I need down time.  I need time to process.

Right now, I teach something somewhere seven days a week.  Too much fire.

I do not dance enough because I am tired from teaching.  Too little water.

Ironically, I am teaching a college composition class around the theme of digital media and our relationship to it.  And I feel like my relationship to this whole online world has a lot to do with my imbalance, but I am a bit afraid of what it means to admit that.

So enter Hawk.

What is his message exactly?  Am I ready and willing to hear?


Lori-Lyn said...

Wow. Powerful totem.
I consider balance to be one of my themes. Feels to me that it goes hand in hand with passion.
And I've had the same thoughts about my imbalance...but I'm not quite ready to go there.
Thank you for sharing this beauty.

Linda-Sama said...

I love all raptors, hawks, eagles, kestrals, you name it.

a hawk used to come sit in my yard for an hour every New Years Day. now that's auspicious.

Jennifer said...

Just be grateful it's not bats Darlin'! :/

My attic is filled with them, and we're talking major overhaul of the house to get them out and get the mess cleaned up. Meanwhile, I'm trying to understand the message they have for me: facing fears, and rebirth....Both ESSENTIAL for me right now.

The Girlie-Queue said...

Being a fellow Hawk person who is experiencing a lot of balance awareness currently I can completely relate. Strength on your journey to balance my friend.♥ Right there beside you.

Laura said...

Christine this is so surprising to could balance be a bad thing???? What are these silly people talking about? To me being balanced means being in a "place" of enough...not too much, not to little...enough, contented, satisfied...working toward/playing with/practicing to live in equanimity. How could thin be anything but good for everyone (ourselves, our loved ones, people we meet and even those we don't-after all we are all connected somehow!)

found these about hawk medicine for you... and

gentle steps

Linnea said...

This is the first year that I've admitted to myself that balance is the single most important thing in my life. This does not mean I don't love my husband, children, or anyone else -- I love everyone I love fit to burst. But I'm no good to any of them when all of my volcanic emotions fester until one day, they erupt. Nor am I good to me. I need to grab the oxygen mask first for a change.

I, too, am wondering about my online life and what this new discovery will mean to it. I'll even admit to drinking the "if I have balance my Muse will run off" Kool-Aid, and thinking that cannot be so.

Then I realized that I've been too long away from a regular Kundalini practice, and guess what? My shoulders are hanging out with my earlobes again and my jaw keeps finding new and exciting ways to entertain me. (Right now, it's squeaking like a hinge. Lovely.)

Perhaps Dancing the Chakras would do both of us worlds of good. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually I know how balance can be a bad thing. when people use it as an excuse to do things they know they shouldn't. for example, food. People always feel like they're depriving themselves if they eat completely healthy. so they use balance as an excuse to continue eating unhealthy foods. I'm not saying one can never have them. Just saying that there is always a better option and holding onto negative actions, doesn't help you. its a bit more complicated than this but thats the short version. this can happen with many other areas of life-using balance as an excuse to continue habits, activities, etc. Really it should be about exactly what you said-knowing whats right for ourselves.

Heather Plett said...

My father-in-law was a big bird watcher. Even toward the end, when he could barely get around, he would sit by the window and watch the birds at his bird feeder. Today, the day after he left this earth, one of the birds kept trying to get into the window. We all agreed that it must be his spirit.

Brooks Hall said...

Hi Christine! I resonate with what you said here:

"Balance, though, just means knowing what is right for you and keeping your priorities straight at all times."

Thanks! I wonder what clear-seeing Hawk is saying. Maybe you said it.

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