Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Rainy Day to Be Left Home Alone

(The three "Fresh Ones" as we call Toby, Daisy, and Lilly, who are all 2 years old and under.)

Right now, that orange cat is playing like a nut bag with a new toy mouse.  Daisy is lounging and watching her best friend/brother.  Lilly is sitting in a nearby window; I can't see her but I can hear her beeps, as she talks to an outdoor rabbit sitting in the rain soaked garden out back.

Elsewhere in this house, there sleeps the crazy elder cat, Emily, and two indoor rabbits are quietly (as they do everything) munching some morning hay.

I am listening to a playlist we call "Happy Chant."  It is rather dark in the house and looks to rain all day.

Appropriate.  I sit here wondering what the next approximately three weeks will bring while Marcy is in Italy.  She left fifteen minutes ago, headed to Cleveland and her flight to NYC. She will leave for Milan at dinner time today.  I will not sleep until I know her feet have touched Italian soil.

I am an introvert, for sure, and need a lot of downtime, yes, but that downtime is usually with Marcy, the person who keeps me tethered.

I have lists of things to do and people who will be checking on me and books to read and certainly enough teaching/work to keep me busy, but it is the evenings that will be hardest.

Okay...I am now done whining about this.  Back to regular programming here at the Blisschick...

And back to my imported Italian espresso.


Rachel @ Suburban Yogini said...

Himself goes away for work a lot. I hate it when he's away. Like you I'm an introvert but my downtime is with him - and it's the evenings that are worse.

Luckily for me he is only ever away for a few days at a time. Three weeks!! But imagine, when you've done this, which you will magnificently, you will know you can do anything :)

Kirsten Alicia said...

I live very happily on my own, so I won't say I know how you're feeling. But I will say I'm thinking of you & sending cyber hugs your way. Ever tried Zentangles? They might be a good way of whiling away the evening hours. www.zentangle.com

Angeerah said...

I completely understand how you feel. When Prof. left for four months, I couldn't rest until I knew he made it safely to Taiwan. I checked the statuses of his flights online CONSTANTLY (they have these cool maps which show you where the plane is and everything!) and felt huge waves of relief every time I spoke to him. Obviously, it is hard to be separate from the person you love the most but it will bring you closer together. And she will have great experiences to bring back and share with you. Take care!

Gretchen said...

I love hearing about your cats. They are so cute!

Laura said...

You and Marcy will both be fine...no, you are both well and safe right now in this moment. you are. metta phrases...that's what I do when my worries rise up...may I FEEL safe, may I FEEL happy, may I FEEL strong, may I live with ease...and the same toward Marcy...I am sorry that you are also feeling worried and lonely right now...and I want to acknowledge that too.

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Grace said...

At least you have the pets to cuddle with.