Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Bit New

BlissChick is a bit new today.  Eventually, the banner will also change, but for now, I wanted to create a different feel here.

I want the emphasis to be on this spiritual path to healing that I am walking -- or more accurately, that I am dancing.

I want the emphasis to be on my current life, not the past. (Thus very new content in the tabs.)

I want the emphasis to be on my teaching and my work in healing movement.

This doesn't mean I won't write about the fears and the frustrations.  That is all part of this particular dance for this particular chick.

But overall, the site is moving, moving, dancing, discovering, healing, opening...embodying bliss.


Rebekah said...

I really like the new layout AND the sentiments behind it. :)

I hope all is well today!

Brooks Hall said...

Many blessings for your changes!

Susan said...

How exciting Christine!

Elizabeth Pope said...

The new layout looks great! As another PTSDer working through yoga & movement to continue healing, I find you an inspiration. Keep on dancing.

Rowena said...

Some time we need to just to move on, you know? And that's a good thing.

Looks great.

Raine-Lee said...

Looking good!

Bob Weisenberg said...

Looks great, Christine.

Bob W.

Anonymous said...

The site looks great!!!!