Monday, October 25, 2010

Dancing with Demons

This didn't happen during dance but that made for an easier title.  It happened during yoga yesterday evening (a class in which I do incorporate dance).

I was teaching Kundalini tree pose (as taught by Ravi Singh and Ana Brett), which is quite different from Hatha tree pose in that it emphasizes the root and trunk of the tree over the branches.  There is a reaching in and down, rather than in and up.  It is a much trickier balance pose, as I have experienced myself and as my students attest.

Coming up and out of the pose is the likeliest point at which you will lose your balance.

And I found myself saying, "As we come up, it is most vital that we stay committed to our focus point."

I meant this literally, as we had established points of focus a few feet ahead of us on the floor.

But I heard it metaphorically, as a guide for my life right now.

As we come up, it is most vital that we stay committed to our focus point.

As I have become happier and more passionate about my purpose, demons have been called forth.  Thus NOW is the time for true focus.  Now is the time to live my commitment to this path.  Now is the time for which I have worked and is the time.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your writing. It really inspires me. I have been using Ravi Ana's DVD, 'Journey Through The Chakras' a lot lately, and the tree pose that you describe is on it. It is difficult to balance when coming back up from this posture. Great metaphor for where you stand now. Glad you are so happy. I am reading Louise Hay's book, 'You Can Heal Your Life' right now, and have been doing lots of affirmations. They are working. I love this piece of advice:

"The point of power is always in the present moment"

Here is a site that has excerpts from her book:

Have a fantastic week!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...


and needed.

thank you. xxoo

Maggie said...

I just found your blog. Thank you for writing.
I don't do yoga; I'm more a tai chi person, but focus is still very important. So much in all of life depends on maintaining your focus, although sometimes my focus is more soft and fuzzy than razor sharp!

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

That is brilliant Christine...I am so grateful for those 'aha' moments when they happen...

...but I'm curious, why are our demons (I call them gremlins) voices the loudest when we see our path, or find our footing? I know from my own studies it's fear based, protection that comes in the form of vicious self-degrading...but why would we self-sabotage ourselves. And are you going to tell me that Joseph Campbell has the answeres?! ;-) I've yet to read him...but he's on the list.

Thanks for sharing your insight...


Christine Claire Reed said...

WRO -- Yes, Campbell. ;)

Just kidding.

I really do believe this is a self preservation thing. Our biggest demons COULD destroy us, and our minds and hearts know this. So they hold them back until we are strong enough to deal.

I think as these huge demons emerge, we should actually take a moment to say..."oh, wow...I must be getting healthier because look at what my heart and deepest mind think I can now handle..."

Anonymous said...

some soul food for your inner dancer! <3

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

Christine, in going along with your line of thinking, I get it...we can be grateful that the demons emerged when we felt stronger to handle them, to stand up to them and say no, i'm still taking this path despite you...

...but man oh man...i am in the middle of facing one of my biggest, one i've held onto since childhood and to keep waling in the face of it, well it's like being in battle, to lay down give up or stand there with knees knocking...what are the consequences of both choices? For my daughter's sake, giving up is not an option, crying & acknowledgement of my demon is, temporarily. :-)

WRO xo

Christine Claire Reed said...

It totally is a battle. I just said that to Marcy a day or two ago, "this is like a WAR inside of me."

But we MUST fight. For ourselves, of course, but I focus a lot on the love in my life and that I am fighting for THAT.

lucy said...

i find myself dreaming of being in one of your yoga/dance classes! the image of the tree, balance and keeping focus... wow!!! "as we come up, it is most vital that we stay committed to our focus point." amen and thank you!!!