Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feeding My Dancer

While Marcy was in Italy, I went to two performances of live dance here in Erie.  I don't remember the last time I did this, and I realize that I need to do it more often.

It's important to feed our creative selves with the creative offerings of others.

During Marcy's flight back home, I was attending a performance by a NYC company, CorbinDances.  Patrick Corbin was part of Paul Taylor's company for 15 years, and since I really respect Taylor, I was totally excited about Corbin.

I was right to be.

My Inspiration Meter is now reading "Full."

What do you do to fill yourself up?  Do you take in enough Creative Nutrition or do you expect yourself to produce, running on empty?

Here is CorbinDances on YouTube.  This doesn't even scratch the surface of the quality of their live performance:


Brandi Reynolds said...

wow. that was incredible. and you are so right!! I have been filling my well lately with poetry.

Alfred said...

I love a good ballet. Matter of fact, I own a tutu or two. TeeHee.

Haley-O (Cheaty) said...

Gorgeous dance. Thank you for filling my creative self with that! What fills mine? Reading about yoga, watching people do yoga -- like, during the second half of my ashtanga yoga class when I get to sit and watch others do poses I haven't been given yet.... Love it. Fuels me. Also reading people like you. :)

Christine Claire Reed said...

Haley! So nice to see you!!! :)