Thursday, November 18, 2010


'Tis the Season to think...contemplate...discern...reevaluate.  Next week is Thanksgiving and it will be all about gratitude here at BlissChick.  And right after that, we enter Advent and the season of light returning (yes, returning) and the birthing of possibility.

I am also thinking about where I was a year ago: I was in between my teacher trainings in yogadance, absorbed by the homework, loving the focus, and completely blown away by living my bliss so thoroughly, so afresh.

I went to the first part of that training just wanting to explore my dancer self again, having only months before rediscovered her.  I did not think I would complete the training or go on to teach.

Here I am, teaching five classes a week, and in January, I will add more to that.  I have plans for workshops and e-courses and books and videos.

So what is the title of this post about...this realignment?

In just three weeks, I will be done teaching a semester of college composition.  I have loved this more than I can say, but it has also thrown me off center.  I have spent the last few months living mostly in my head again, a place I rather would avoid.  (ha!)

My realignment has to do with getting back to that place I was in a year ago...or a different version of it, of course, because I have come far since that time.  I want, I need, I must get back into this body.

Entering this season of gratitude and re-birthing with wide eyed intention is my hope for this year.  I do not want to get to January 1st of 2011 and wonder how that happened.  I do not want to be pushed by momentum across that threshold, rather I want to dance across it through my own volition.  I want to leap and spin and sashay into the new year.

How about you?

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