Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reiki & Mental Health

Part of my new approach to really taking care of myself and to asking for the help that I need is to get more regular Reiki attunements.

While Marcy was in Italy and my fear and anxiety were at the highest they had been in a long time, I went for Reiki with a wonderful, local practitioner, Nancy.  I have had excellent Reiki and mediocre and just crappy.  Nancy is of the excellent variety.

I am very open to energy work.  I feel it in waves and jolts and it awakens my whole body.  This happens for me, too, during gong and crystal bowl meditation.

During my first session with Nancy, I thought we were done in about 20 minutes, but it had been at least 75!  When it was over, I was starving, but more importantly -- and rather miraculously -- I was completely free of fear and anxiety.  That night I slept like a log.

But it was the lack of fear and anxiety in my stomach that stood out.  It made me realize how much I walk around feeling fearful -- all. the. time.

That Reiki session was soothing and calming and all those sorts of awesome, but it was this realization that was most valuable.  How can we become more, get better, feel healthier if we don't have these experiences of more, better, and healthier to compare with our usual heavy, tight, gripping selves?

Regardless of the "provable" psychological/medical efficacy of a practice like Reiki, for me, it creates deep experiences of peace and possibility, and knowing that that resides within me, gives me more reason to strive for mental health.

Now I will be having regular Reiki attunements every third week.  This is just one tiny part of my personal prescription.

To learn more about Reiki, I recommend the writings of a favorite blogger of mine, who also happens to be a Reiki practitioner, Lori-Lyn.


ellen said...

Thanks for the info Christine. I haven't heard much about Reiki before. Sounds heavenly.

I find a chief symptom of PTSD is fear. Anything that helps with that must be good.

Lori-Lyn said...

I'm so glad you've added Reiki to your self-care routine. I think it's amazing with anxiety. (& thank you for the link to me.) XOXO.

Anonymous said...

svasti said...

I am finding similar relief with kinesiology. We get what we need to heal, don't we? :)