Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Week of Gratitude: Life

Daisy on Top of a Bookcase in My Writing Room

Did you participate and write about all the love in your life for which you are grateful?  If so, make sure you leave a link here or on the love post from Monday!

Today's gratitude theme is Life, as in the life you are living, the life you have built, the life you are building.

Here is my list:
  • In the Life is FULL OF SURPRISES and aren't they AWESOME CATegory: We've added a new member to the family, Tuppy, another tuxedo cat who was at our friend's no kill shelter here in Erie (if you can, send them some help), and who seemed to be way too shy to ever get adopted. He is fitting right in and there will be pictures forthcoming. I thought, oh, dear, we are just crazy cat ladies (and we are), but as a friend on facebook so rightly said, "room in the heart, room in the home."  Exactly.
  • Living my Bliss. Yep, I am the writer of the BlissChick, but I struggle just like anyone else. My point has always been that the struggle is worth it and is a sort of bliss in and of itself, because how amazing is it that we are born into this existence where we get to attempt to become fulfilled, passionate, awake beings?!
  • Dancing my Bliss and finally coming home to my body and to my purpose in life. It has just been over a year since I received this miraculous gift, and it never grows old or less miraculous feeling than those first moments when it happened. It changes and evolves but I remain ever grateful and ever in awe of it all.  I may question the details but I am done with doubt. I am on my path.
  • Dreaming my Bliss: I am grateful to have found my path and in the process to completely open to all the possibility that lies before me. I am grateful for the ideas and the inspirations; I am grateful that I once again find such joy in simply dreaming of what could be. I am grateful for the exploratory process itself. For the adventure, the not knowing, the surprises around the corners. I am grateful to be so Full of Dreams again.
  • Creating my Bliss: I am grateful to have the time and the resources and the space and the people and the energy to move toward dreams, to risk, to experiment.
  • Sharing my Bliss: I am grateful for teaching. For students who teach me so much. For new students all the time. Things grow slowly but they grow.
  •  In the Category of Random: I am grateful for our new little car that opens up so much of this possibility; I am grateful that I got to teach at university for a semester and the extra money that will make more trainings possible; I am grateful for our beautiful home; I am grateful for music, candles, espresso, good and plentiful food, books, good pens, warm clothes that fit, access to beautiful and thought provoking films, live dance events that make me feel like I am on to something, live dance events that push me to think past what I think I am on to, a community of creative souls in this tiny city...
What about you? What in your life is making you feel grateful?


tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

Second chances, the generosity of complete strangers, a cross-eyed siamese that comes to the house to visit us several times a day, a good strong cup of coffee when I awake, forgiveness, and love, lots and lots of love in every corner and crevice of my life.

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

my gratitude post for today

Dimond said...

You're the first person I thought to share this video with. Thought you may want to post it too.

Katie Makkai, a veteran poetry slammer - defining the word "pretty":