Monday, November 22, 2010

A Week of Gratitude: Love

Photo by Marcy, Taken on Campus Where I Teach

For the week of Thanksgiving, I thought my three posts should be about gratitude.  I will do three themes, and I invite and encourage you to replicate this on your own blog or even in a paper journal (gasp!).

The three themes are Love, Life, and Laughter.  For alliteration's sake, of course, and because we are often too serious and we need to remind ourselves to be grateful for all that brings humor and light and giggling into our lives.

For today's theme of Love, here is my gratitude list:

  • The Lilypad overflows in this category. If not for the love of Marcy and all our animal guides, I would not be the person I am, and I would certainly lack a considerable portion of the deep motivation that is necessary to do the mental health work I am doing.
  • Miss Kitty (of library fame) who inspires me with her constancy of faith and insatiable curiosity about all things and people.
  • The Members of Writing Group, who inspire me to live my dreams.
  • Doctor Captain America, in particular, right now, I am so thankful to have someone who understands my difficulties, sees me, and inspires me to trust myself in regards to my health.  A doctor friend who knows when to say No. ((smile))
  • My yoga and movement students who inspire me with their trust of me and their courage in doing the work.
  • We are surrounded by people whom we know would do anything for us (including a neighbor who is more like a brother) and I know that that is a Big Gift.
  • Online I am gifted with a "cloud of witnesses" who support me in my journey in so many ways.  I dare not start a list because I would forget someone, and besides, you all know who you are!
  • Some of you I have been lucky enough to meet in person, and for the most part, my instincts about you have been right on and I have some friendships that are truly blossoming because of this space.
I cannot emphasize enough my gratitude for so many people whom I refer to as "friend."  For someone who moved so much as a child and who learned to simply and easily let go of friendships as a coping mechanism, it has taken me until I hit my 40s to really cultivate lasting friendships.

And as someone who tends toward black and white thinking (thanks, BPD), it has been a long road to understanding that people are faulty and that that is part of their beauty.

Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.



StorytellERdoc said...

Hey C

Awesome, amazing post today. You are surrounded by much love and kindnesses...and you pay these forward so well.

Thanks for the kinds words, too.


svasti said...

Thankfulness is a great practice to remind ourselves that life isn't ever all bad, no matter how grim things seem.

But I am very surprised there was no mention specifically of fresh cats here! ;)

I know what you mean about cultivating lasting friendships - not for the same reasons, but I have similar issues there.

To add to this list - I am very grateful for the ever-developing connection to the sensitivity of my body and energy. Of knowing myself more truly. I think that's the only way to find real freedom in the end.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

i am thankful for the precious gift of yourself in this world.


claire said...

Enjoy the Love, and thank you for the poem :-)