Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Giant Fur-Covered Happy

Sun in Winter Ferris Wheel by Marcy
We are surrounded right now by animals under the age of 3.  Our span with our most recent additions is 3 months to 3 years.  That is a lot of energy, to say the least.  There are moments when I wonder how a herd of elephants got in the house and what kind of damage said herd is doing on the second floor or deep in the basement or if I can get out of their way in time...

One of the things I love watching right now is how they react to us getting up in the morning.  Their day really starts then, and they all (cats and rabbits both) leap and bound and seem to be saying with every fiber of their being:

We are so happy to have another day to be alive!  Life is so awesome!  Yay for this day! Time for FUN! Life is FUN!

I can't emphasize it enough in writing.  I could act it out but that would be slightly embarrassing for all of us.  (I did so in my class the other night and there was lots of laughing and joining in, but then my students tend to be just as weird as I am, for which I am ever grateful.)

As I have been observing this utter lust for living, I have to wonder:

What would happen if we all rolled out of bed every day with that attitude?

Is there ever a better time to claim our inner bunny or kitten than the (Y)ear of the Rabbit?

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