Monday, January 24, 2011

Changing Communities & Solving Conflict through Healing Arts

This is Elisabeth, a wonderful, witty, wacky woman with whom I went through YogaDance teacher training.  (And someone with whom I would love to work more in the future...)

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Elisabeth in which she talked about coming home from a Kundalini workshop to discover she had been accepted into and partially funded for a competitive artist's residency in France at this amazing place. (Side Note: The POWER of Kundalini!)

As usual with Elisabeth, she is not headed to this residency to focus on herself but to create work that is meant to help others.

From Elisabeth's description of the project she will be working on:  In the PLAY project, I am working with collaborator Lindsey Bailey to develop a new format for interpersonal and community problem solving through mixed media art performances. We want to teach individuals and communities alternate ways of solving problems through structured play experiences. This will include dance, theater, and visual art.

You can read more about it here (and it is truly interesting and impressive work that could change lives and worlds).

Elisabeth needs our help with the remaining funding for the program, travel, and materials.

In her "regular" life, Elisabeth teaches art in the Baltimore city public schools. She is truly in the eye of the storm on a daily basis. If you can, please help her with her amazing vision.  Go here to find out how to donate and see what lovely "perks" Elisabeth has created for the people who want to support her project.

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