Friday, January 28, 2011

Damn Fears...

When you set out to say YES to life, something funky happens.  Something funky in that annoying way.  Yet it's also exciting.  But still annoying.  Oh, I go back and forth...exciting, annoying, exciting, annoying...

This is a shot Marcy took the other day when we headed to the beach to take some winter tutu pictures.  It represents a lot.

First, look how relaxed I am. And laughing...smiling in that natural way.  This is rather amazing and it has everything to do with the fact that the person taking the pictures loves me.  She sees me.  I am seen.

Which brings me to Second -- being seen.

I went out in public in my tutu and snow boots.  Big deal?  Why, yes, thank you.

I also am posting a photo that is not, like, totally perfect.  It's just this fun shot that I liked and so here it is.  I let go a tiny bit with this act -- or quite a bit, actually.

Which brings me to the Third -- showing myself.

This is a tad different from "being seen," in that it is my actions.  My willingness to put myself out there via videos, podcasts, performances, etc.  I have been fighting this urge for so long...

But I said I would say YES.

I promised.

And so I am working behind the scenes, getting ready to flex my Big Courage Muscle.


Megan Matthieson said...

I'm smiling and feeling very....happy. I know the sensation of being brave and giving myself the little bits of joy I really want. And finding the courage to go against the critic. Hugs!!

Helen said...


Your courage and honesty are so amazing...thank you.

Much love,

LauraX said...

I LOVE this photo and your new blog header and your tremendous courage. Can't wait for the videos and podcasts Christine! Just keep being your authentic self...there are more people in the world than Marcy who love you...(not in the same way)...but love is love is love!!!

Brie said...

Yay Christine! So very happy for you!!! Great photos! You inspire me. Much love, and looking forward to the videos! xxo

Brandi Reynolds said...

well, I think the tutu and snow boots looks awesome, first of all.

secondly, yeah..the funky. Maybe we can start a group on ways to deal with the funky that comes up when we say yes to life. Cause I know I'd like to know some better ways to deal with it than I do now.

lastly, wanted to share my own 'being seen' journey.