Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Age? That's Your Excuse?!

You pretty much know how I feel about age here at Blisschick.  I've certainly written about it enough.

If you think you are too old, then you most definitely are.  But my life has only gotten better as I age.  I have become braver and more bold and definitely more willing.

For today, if you are needing inspiration in this arena, here is the story of a 95 year old runner.  Yes.  95 year old runner is what I said.  And she started at 67!

My favorite quote from the piece:

"I just close my eyes and say, 'Count your blessings Ida, count your blessings.' Stay alert, stay focused, and that's it. It clears up a whole lot of things. You'd be surprised," she said.

Besides her age, she brings up something so important to quality of life -- focus.  Most of us lack it in this age of too much information and too many choices, and for most of us, it would make all the difference.

Note: I assume that someone will bring up the idea of being a "skimmer."  If you find happiness there, good for you. Truly.


Melissa said...

Good reminder

Jennifer Campaniolo said...

Really like your message here. A good thing to read as I start the day!


rebecca said...

Scanner :) (laughing) Yes there are those of us who have many interests and have a difficult time choosing, but the thing about finally recognizing yourself as a scanner is realizing that you don't have to choose just one.

But that doesn't mean that focus isn't required.

It is a matter of focusing on one thing at a time without worrying that by focusing for the time being is excluding something else.

You know I had throw this in there don't you :).

Dimond said...

Gorgeous web colors! Really suits the theme even more so. Especially with your dynamic pic and the 2 on each side. :)

lorilyn said...


Christine Claire Reed said...

Ah, yes, SCANNER. That is the word.

I used to think I was one. And when I started writing that novel and even the writing I do here, I realized WHY. I had these stores of info that I started being able to use. Of course, I am also good at Trivial Pursuit. HA!

But I did not find my true self and happiness until I gave into Diving.

I still am learning that, for me, Diving is essential. It makes me feel good. AND I like the idea of getting FAN-DAMN-TASTIC at something. Really committing. Living from a place of Devotion to Task. :)

Scanning has been made worse (and perhaps more detrimental?...) with the internet. Our energies are SO SCATTERED.

rebecca said...

Christine, I do agree that the internet can scatter the already fractured interests of a scanner.

It was interesting to me to read about who aren't scanners and yet mistakenly think they are and one of the deceivers is depression.

Suddenly you just knew! You went to that party and danced and basically the clouds parted. As you continued to follow what made you feel good, to dive into the bliss, you've blossomed.

Perhaps that happens to all scanners who stop trying to choose and just focus on one things after another until suddenly...ah ha.

Brenda said...

Oh, that Ida! Yet another to add to my list of modern day heroes. ( A list which you also are on, Christine)
I bow in deference to people like this, people who just keep striving...
maybe we can warm our hearts by the light of their fire.

Christine Claire Reed said...

Rebecca, INTERESTING info about (not)scanners and depression as a deceiver. Yep.

Brenda, You are too kind. :)