Friday, February 4, 2011

Damn Fears, Part Two: Heading to Kripalu, Again

This Sunday, me and my Tutu-covered butt are headed, once again, to Kripalu for a week-long dance workshop.

Facing fears and saying yes.  Damn.

Here we go.

The training workshop I am attending is this one and it is being run by NYC dancer/choreographer Maureen Fleming, who is the Real Deal, ya know?

So, please send some positive vibes regarding the weather because we are driving (my tutu butt and I are taking a friend who will be doing R & R).

And some positive vibes for overcoming Big Fears would also be greatly appreciated.

I'll be writing from Kripalu, as I did the last two times.


Rebekah said...

I am keeping you in mind for safe travels and putting aside fears.

And, it's you--you who love dance--and that magical pink tutu. I'm sure all will go well. ;)

StorytellERdoc said...

Good luck C! Like the first few trips, you are going to do awesome. Spread those wings, sister! LOL


Privilege of Parenting said...

Dance in love, dance out fear and desire. Namaste

LauraX said... totally rock this look of tutu and plaid jacket!!!!! are an amazing dancer...because it is WHO YOU ARE Christine...befriend those fears, give them a compassionate hug, let them know you understand how they feel and that together you will be safe and play and have a magical time dancing together:)

Sandra said...

The dance workshop description inspired me... unblocking energy, finding strength and the transcendent.. powerful stuff