Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taking it to the Next Level...Regardless of Fear

Stepping carefully is called for on ice

Stepping carefully is called for on ice, but if I continue to step carefully in life, I will not get to where my deepest heart desires wish to take me.

This past Saturday, I had some major breakthroughs in my yoga dance class.

It was just me and three of the women I have been working with the longest -- two of whom were at my first class just a year ago at this time.

At first, I went to my usual ego place and was focused on the number of students.  Yoga Dance is not a well known or understood practice, and these classes are building the most slowly for me, whereas my Kundalini classes have been growing rather steadily.  (I think, too, that the word "dance" is a troublesome word for far too many people.)

Then I realized that with these three "advanced" practitioners, we could do something completely different.  A few weeks previously, I had four of my long time students in a class, and we did a practice that was heavily influenced by the work of Gabrielle Roth.

But this Saturday, we did a practice that was heavily influenced by ME.

I have always felt confident in my teaching abilities, but my week at Kripalu shifted something and I found myself totally and completely trusting myself and just doin' my thing.

These three women were worked hard!  And they more than met my challenge.  At the end, I put on some Zoe Keating after speaking to them about dance coming from this willingness to turn yourself inside out for others to see.

I sat in simple seated and just witnessed.

And what I witnessed was akin to watching the daffodils break free of the still partially frozen earth.

To say I was blown away by their power and beauty and honesty is an understatement.

Afterward, I realized something momentous for my own work: I had found three women -- three distinctly different people and dancers -- with whom I can now work choreographically.

I had found my company of dancers.

I asked and they all were enthusiastically on board.

So now...now...I can no longer talk about doing this thing that I so desperately need to do.  I must do it.

Again, we teach what we need.  We call forth what we need.   We create our lives in the living of them.

Again, here we go...regardless of fear.


LauraX said...

Christine, this is fantastic!!! I'm so happy for you, and your dancers as well. This is a bold step out onto the ice. What a joy it has been to follow your blog for more than a year and witness this tremendous growth.

Val said...

"We create our lives in the living of them".


Grace said...

How exciting! And thanks for introducing me to Zoe Keating's music.

Heather Plett said...

OOOoooohhh!!! I'm so excited for you! What a lovely moment of turning for you!

Can't wait to hear more as this new bud grows into a blossom.

lisa said...

This is FABULOUS!!!


How exciting :)

Yay for all of you!!!!!