Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Devotion to Passion Looks Like

Toby's soulful eyes
Before leaving for Kripalu, a common theme that kept coming up for me in all sorts of ways -- prayer, talks, reading -- was the idea of giving into the very things we claim to love the most.  Really giving into them.  Giving ourselves over.  Not holding anything back.  I wrote about it here.

So of course, during my time away, this was one of the things that I felt like I was there to learn.

At one point, Maureen was talking about working on choreography and she said something along these lines, "Sometimes I'll start with a pose and work with it for three hours until I finally understand it..."

This just stopped me.

Three hours.

One pose.

Three hours.

Not everyone's process is the same.  I might not ever work on one pose for three hours, but the underlying meaning of that dedication...that is where the sameness lurks.

So I've been thinking a lot about that:  what does my own "three hours on one pose" look like?  What does that mean for me?

What would it mean for you?

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Emma said...

I'm thinking about similar things right now. I'm in a place in my life where I can really focus on something and learn it well. Really well. I can gain complex skills and move beyond "OK, I can do that passably, what's next?" to a deeper knowledge level.

This is an exciting thing, but so far I am still trying to figure out what to focus on. What pose do I want to work on for three hours?