Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feminine Wisdom: A Gift and A Challenge

My friend, Heather Plett, a woman whom I have had the privilege to meet in person and to sit with and talk deeply from the heart over a good glass of wine, has birthed a most beautiful project that she is now, with generosity and love, offering to you all for free.

I am honored to be a part of this project, and the piece I wrote about the way we treat our bodies being reflected in every human-created institution made me think more deeply than ever about the healing movement teaching that I do on a daily basis.

So I thank Heather for asking these questions and asking me to go with her on this journey of exploration and discovery.

Go here to download your copy of Sophia Rises: Changing the World through Feminine Wisdom.

This e-book could be used in a million ways.  The material in it is varied and thoughtful.

I imagine it being used by teachers and mentors in every setting.  I imagine using pieces of it myself in my movement classes.

It could be used to start a woman's wisdom and leadership circle in your own home!

Pass it around!  Print it out!  Gift it!

Let me know what you think it could be used for.  It is not meant to just sit on our desktops; it is meant for the wider world -- as is the feminine wisdom of which it speaks.

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Heather Plett said...

Thank you, dear friend. For sharing, for contributing, for being on the journey with me, and for supporting me through dark nights of the soul AND glorious moments.

Love and blessings to you.