Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Focusing on the Cure (rather than the Symptoms)

Paint Chip for Writing Room Re-Do

The photo does not do that color justice, even though I did some "deepening" of it.  Still not deep enough but the name of the color gives you a good clue.

I have had a beautiful, energizing orange writing room for a few years now, but I was given this vision of immersing myself in an ocean colored room and it felt so peaceful that we are going to make it a reality some time in the coming Spring.

I think this particular vision of peaceful ocean blue was the beginning of an epiphany about health and happiness.

I have come to realize that I focus too much on symptoms and dis-ease when I should be focusing on the cure.

Which is Love.

Love is the Cure for everything, and I know this, but I do not act on it.  I do not integrate that knowing into my every day life, in particular in the way I treat myself.

For instance, for Lent I am giving up mistrust, but that, turns out, is really the wrong lens through which to look.

Rather than giving up mistrust, I must give up barriers to love. I must increase my awareness of love.

The metaphor I came up with that works for me is a scab.  (I hate scabs.  Like, hate them.  I can watch surgery but I cannot stand the sight of a scab!)

Focusing on getting rid of symptoms is like picking at the scab.  Pick Pick Pick and then it falls off...but it bleeds and it has to re-scab. Eventually there is a scar.

Instead of pick pick pick, apply vitamin E cream.  The scab will fall off, yes, but in its own time and naturally, leaving no scar, creating no new bleeding. You won't even notice. One day, you'll go to apply the vitamin E cream and the scab will just be gone.


So the question that remains is: What is your Vitamin E cream?


Dimond said...

"Live the Solutions (in order to fully Live)" is the health mission statement I came up with for myself. It's taken me my whole life to finally find solutions. Now that I have, it's a matter of switching to a different mindset and way of living & getting away from all that's negative. The main component of it all of course is love. Self-Love, especially, is one we don't focus on enough. The more love you give, the more love you feel, the more you have for others.

Gretchen said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!