Friday, March 11, 2011

Giving Away Sparkles

Sparkles is this amazing e-course designed by the lovely and effervescent Jamie Ridler.

She is smart enough to know that women want to be more creative but have some blocks, and one of these biggest blocks is time.

If you register for Sparkles, for 31 days, you will get assignments in your Inbox.  Here's the genius of Jamie's approach: these assignments are designed to only take five minutes!

Five minutes to explore your creativity and to create health and vitality of the heart and body and mind.

Five Minutes to Set Your Soul to Sparkle!

I was lucky enough to be asked by Jamie to participate and so you will receive, in those 31 days, an assignment from me that is all about the hips!  (ooh la la!)

And because I am one of the 31 guides in this e-course, Jamie is letting me give away one free registration!

Here's the deal:

In the comments, tell me a story about your Sparkle.  How you lost or maintained it.  Where you think you left it. Where you last saw it. Why you want it back.

Anything.  Just tell me a story.

Some time before March 22nd (when registration begins), one of the rabbits who lives here will pick a winner.


spin gypsy said...

I haven't lost my sparkle, so to say, but instead have put it on the back burner. I am in my mid-twenties, moved 4,000 miles from my home town on the east coast to Alaska, and am supporting myself with two jobs and a small business. I am a creative soul and love to paint, draw, write, sew, and hoop. I have the same problem that a lot of us face: not enough hours in the day. I work, do chores (blah), cook dinner, deal with the craziness that life throws, and by the time all of this is done, I am so exhausted (either mentally or physically) that my mind doesn't want to take the time to be creative. It just wants to burrow into my soft, silky couch and veg out. I would love to be able to have a chance to increase (and use!!) my creative juices. This program sounds perfect!! Thank you for giving all of us an opportunity to be able to participate. Peace.

Sulwyn said...

I think I began to lose my sparkle when I moved away from a temporary community that turned out to be a place of support and growth, where my sparkle was pulled out of the cave it had been banished to and dusted off. Without support my sparkle began to look tarnished and not very sparkly again. Then, two years ago I was in a very abusive work situation and it ended very badly for me with a lot of vicious lies and a traumatic firing. I let the depression that I had been struggling with since the move take over and I became extremely ill both physically and mentally. I literally couldn't move. The sparkle was buried in the dark because I couldn't handle it. It hurt to see what sad little glimmers were left of the sparkle. I began to read blogs, but I was too scared to comment or become part of another community. But in the last month or so things have been beginning to change. With the loving coaching of my husband and a new goal in sight I have begun moving again. Only in little ways so far, but the effects have been huge. My sparkle is starting to dust itself off and sparkle a little more every day. I'm beginning to remember the hints of the grand, multi-color, irridescent shimmer that used to thread itself through my days and nights and call me on with the siren call of it's potential brightness. I'm amazed at how resilient that sparkle is, to keep shining even through the darkest times and in the deepest caverns and caves where it gets banished. Thank you for sharing your sparkle with us, and for giving people like me hope that our sparkle can come back to play again!

Rachel @ Suburban Yogini said...

I lost my sparkle in my 20s. I danced since I was 4 and trained hard until I was 19 but eventually chronic pain and ME got the better of me, I admitted I wouldn't get into dance school.

And I shut down. Did jobs and degrees that I liked but didn't love, y'know. Went to yoga classes that I liked but didn't love.

And then I met a woman called Tara. And she handed me my sparkle back via the teachings of Desikachar.

And here I am today somehow, sparkling and moving and sticking two fingers up at chronic pain.

And I sparkle even harder when a new Foo album is imminent :D (one month to go!!)

Justine said...

I give so much of myself in the work that I do...I am a midwifery assistant and a birth doula. I spend hours---sometimes days---with a family while they birth and welcome a new life into their arms. It is fulfilling work...and draining work. I also have 5 children of my own who keep me up at night, literally and figuratively! I collapse into bed each night (or morning, depending on when I got home) without having once done something JUST for me. Every time I drift into sleep, I vow to do better for myself when I awaken. It seems that-- like sand rushing in to fill up a hole --- the responsibilities and the obligations rush right back in, demanding that I tend to them before I was even willing to open my eyes, let alone get out of bed. Intellectually, I know that I need to simplify, organize, prioritize and put myself first if I want to keep being a source of strength for others. Often, the solutions seem too overwhelming and too BIG to take on when I am wiped out and drained. But taking baby steps to regain my sparkle one day at a time sounds just about right! I used to write. I used to dance. I used to paint. I used to sleep ans feel rested when I awoke! Engaging in ME activities for 5 minutes a day might just allow me to say all of those in the PRESENT tense again!

lynne said...

My sparkle is just a bit dulled right now. I recently and unexpectedly retired from a 37 year career and suddenly was adrift .. in time, space, purpose. Always a writer and a photographer I suddenly have all that mysterious time to create what I want .. and I am stymied. (I also have some physical issues that hamper me a bit) I want to sparkle brightly and appreciate your corner of the world as a spot to ask for what I want.
thank you !

Jennifer said...

Oh Christine! *sigh*
You know my story, so I'll just say here-- My sparkle was barely a twinkle back in the days of 5 kids, and then disappeared entirely underneath all the physical ailments and emotional distress.
I'm working hard to get it back, to polish it up all bright-n-shiny, more sparkly than its ever been!

Thank you for inspiring so many by sharing your own journey!

Jennifer said...

I think I lost my sparkle about 10 years ago. I'd been doing fine, doing what I felt like doing. Then I thought, "I'm out of school, it's time to start acting like an adult." So, I made a decision based entirely on rational, logical, responsible, and reasonable criteria. I have been a shadow of myself ever since. Occasionally, I get a flicker, but I can't figure out how to nurture it, call it back, whatever you want to call it. The best way I can describe it is I packed away my sparkle, to show myself what "normal" would be like (which is an utterly boring experience)...except I can't find where I put it for safekeeping.