Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Old Stories Given the Boot

Shadow Portrait at the Beach

Here's another old story I am having to call into the office and hand a pink slip: I do not like having company.

Part of that story is that I can't stand people in my space; I don't want to have to entertain them, etc.

A deeper part of the story is that I have never been that great at having friends.

This past Friday, Lisa came up from Dayton, Ohio to stay until Monday lunch time.  She wanted to attend my classes and my special Sunday workshop on depression and anxiety, but she also just wanted to visit. I had last seen her for dinner when I was in Yellow Springs, Ohio at an Erich Schiffmann retreat last late summer.

I wanted to see her but I was also functioning through that old story and therefore, partially dreading having someone in our house for three nights.

Oh, my!  My insides are truly changing, because Monday rolled around, and I actually felt sad that she was leaving; I actually was wishing she had planned to stay longer.

Talk about a shock to my system!

Furthermore, I realized that the "not good at having friends" story is pretty...dead.  I keep trying to give it life, trying to tell it to myself, but it's no longer holding water, as I currently find myself surrounded by people  Some of whom I even adore.

Remember, when I was little we were isolated a lot and we moved a lot.  This was a perfect cocktail of circumstances to train me in the "Friend Release" technique that I became adept at.

No longer. I am attached to people.

There. I admit it.

(And yes, if you are wondering, Marcy's head in the center IS wearing a hat with EARS.)


StorytellERdoc said...

You never fooled me, sister. I knew from the first time I met you that you enjoyed the company of other human beings,especially me! That is, when you weren't grimacing after finding out what I did for a profession! LOL

Have a good day!

LauraX said...

always a gift to recognize that we can change our stories!!!

Lisa said...


INFINITE LOVE and GRATITUDE to you, dearest Christine, as you release old stories and embrace the bliss of your True Self!

I am honored to be your friend ~ and house guest ~ and to play a part in the renewal of our souls within the Light of each others' presence.

Brenda said...

all this
and it is
too !

(where does one find bunny hats?)