Thursday, March 3, 2011

Muscle Release for Back Health -- or How I Got Away with Shoveling Heavy Snow

Rabbit Altar by Marcy

In the world of traditional dance, I am "old."  That is, of course, why I have nothing to do with "traditional" dance, but rather choose to forge my own path.  I am not "old," by any stretch of the imagination, and if you saw how I could stretch, it wouldn't matter your age -- you'd be impressed.

I am more flexible and a lot stronger than I was at 16, when I was strong and flexible by anyone's measurements.

The biggest difference now is that I know I have to take care of this body, that I have to treat her well, that I have to be smarter than I was at 16 when injury seemed like a badge of honor.

I want to be doing what I am doing until my last days.

Marcy wouldn't let me help shovel the driveway a week or so ago, because, as she said, my body is my instrument, my art medium, and I must treat her with the respect due to any piano or easel and then some.

But then a storm hit and Marcy was at work and she was not going to be able to get the car anywhere near our driveway.

I shoveled.

And this made me really take extra care for the rest of the day, including instituting a new nighttime routine.

The next day, I felt fantastic.  Actually?  I felt the best I had felt since my workshop, when I was completely pain free for an entire week.

I tend to suffer from some back issues (due to some spinal stuff), but the MORE I move, the better I feel.  I tend not to move nearly enough if I am at home.  So workshops are when I feel best.

Not anymore!

What I did only took about ten minutes and I did it at the foot of our bed on the floor.

First, I noodled.

Then I used these.

That was it.  Ten minutes of some deep muscle release brought about with a couple of simple tools and some deep breathing.

Of course, I think these simple tools are more likely to work if you are also doing some sort of daily something -- like yoga or walking or dancing or whatever it is that makes you feel happy and sweaty at the same time.

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rachel @ suburbanyogini said...

I also use a foam roller + balls most nights. Makes a huge difference!