Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nutrification Vacation

Lake Erie's Breaking Ice

As a preface to this post: If you know me in real life, you know that there is a seriousness to my demeanor that is balanced, I think, by a deep silliness.  For one thing, I love to just make up words.  I love to turn phrases and words into verbs.  Whatever gets my point across!

This Sunday after teaching a long workshop about depression and anxiety, I then had to also teach my regularly scheduled Kundalini yoga & movement class.

On Sundays in particular, I talk a bit at the beginning.  Sometimes I start with a quote, but a lot of times, I just talk about what's been on my mind.  The synchronicity of this, of course, is that it often matches what has been on many students' minds.

On this Sunday, after that workshop, I realized that I was thinking about how we do (not) take care of ourselves.  How I, in particular, just keep going, pushing...

I had been getting lectured at with much love by not only Marcy but by Lisa who had come for a long weekend visit (which was wonderful!).  Now, I can ignore Marcy (ha!), but with Lisa, it was a tag team.  They were both concerned that I never take real down time, and Marcy has decided she wants to send me here for a couple of nights all by myself without a computer (!!?!?!).  It is off season so it will be very quiet.

During my Sunday talk all of this was coming out as I was still mulling it over.

I asked the class how we "nutrify" ourselves.  Nutrify!  What a word.  (It turns out that it's a word for real... who knew?!?!)

What kind of nutrification do you offer yourself?

I am a few days into an 18 day stretch of no full days off.  How does this happen?

This post is a bit all-over because that's what my brain currently feels like...

How to "nutrify" this body and mind and spirit?

That question has led to more questions.

Like, what work am I really doing?  What work deserves better attention?  More focused attention?  What am I trying to accomplish and why?

This is just more of the hamster wheel conversation.

I don't see any answers to these questions in my near future.  I have decided to attempt a period of discernment where I am just sitting with the questions.  And then in late April, I will obey Marcy and Lisa and take that Nutrification Vacation.  Perhaps amongst those old trees, near that small lake, in all that quiet and solitude, I will finally be able to hear what my heart needs to say.


Vanessa said...

I completely understand this - it really resonates with me right now too! I think just acknowledging it is the first major step in slowing down :). I always find myself not counting "down time" or "relaxing time" as an actual activity. I see free time on my schedule and forget that I need to actually schedule in my rest. So, I am making an effort to treat "relaxing" as an activity that needs time to be blocked off too!

And I love your made-up words!

Thank you for your wonderful insight,

Deborah Carr said...

I love new words and new meanings for old words. This post reminds me of a tour I took once, where the tour director stopped to point out cows in the pasture. "The cows are pasturized each spring," she said.

No one else noticed.

Dovelily said...

"...I will finally be able to hear what my heart needs to say." This touches me deeply today. Thank you!