Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am feeling quiet.  Which is funny because on the inside I am buzzing like a bee, building nests like a frantic bird, awakening to spring like a hungry bear.

Today, I am working on my depression and anxiety workshop which takes place this coming Sunday.  If you are in Erie, join us!  No need to sign up...that can wig people out, especially people who aren't feeling great about things in general.  Come Sunday, a little before 3 PM, to Dharma Yoga, 722 West 8th Street ($25), and we'll work on feeling a little bit better.  You'll leave with a whole array of methods to deal with all the ick.

There are people coming from out of town for this workshop -- and to visit with us -- so there are a million things to do to prepare.

On top of this, my new website is swimming around, darting back and forth in my head, like one of those bright tropical fish that never pauses to check out the coral.

New ideas about how to do this work that I love are popping up like crocuses.

And I am obviously high on some simile-making drug...

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