Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stories in Need of a Pink Slip

Lake Thawing

I just had my very first Skype experience today.  I have put off using this technology, telling myself (and anyone else who asked) that I am not  a "phone" girl in whatever form that might take.

It's one of those stories...

I am an introvert. I do not like people in anything but micro doses. I talk too much. I am too loud. I am too opinionated. People do not like me that much; they just put up with me.  I need a ton of downtime. I can only put out so much energy a day...

You get the idea.

Guess what? (And Marcy would yell, "Chicken BUTT!")

Guess what for real?

I loved my time on Skype today.  It was very likely the excellent company, but I also felt...okay afterwards.  This is a big deal.

After something like that (and it was recorded for your eventual viewing), I go through all the "dumb stuff" I said or how I let my hands fly around too much and that will "look stupid." I would start to panic, wondering "what will people think?"

I started to feel that happen. I started to feel those old stories waking up and stretching and preparing their assault.

And then I just decided, Nope, Not gonna do it.  Buh-bye.

Those old stories are OLD. Crusty. Dusty. Musty crap.

They no longer serve me so they are given notice as of right now.

I am processing more Pink Slips as I write this.  Thinking about, for example, how much my introvert story is not...very true.  That when I teach, I am like a desert nomad finding water in an oasis and I just drink and drink and students offering up cup after cup of beautiful, clear, clean energy.

What stories are redundant for you? What stories need a pink slip and a boot kickin'?


svasti said...

My goodness but we share some of the same stories!! ;)

Brenda said...

STUNNING photo!!, the more I read your blog, the more things I think I have in common...
this post brought a much needed smile to my face after it had seen a very topsy-turvy and swirly-whirly kind day...

Heather Plett said...

I'm so glad I was lucky enough to be the one on the other end of the Skype call. :-) I can't wait to share your video.