Friday, March 4, 2011

True BlissChicks

I have a new favorite blog that is so totally inspiring.  All of us need to read it every day to remember that we have no excuses and that the only time is right now.

No more excuses for staying small or allowing ourselves to act from an intentionally shy space. No more excuses for not letting out your Glitter Queen, if you happen to have one inside.  No more excuses for not vocalizing from deep in your belly.  No more excuses for allowing anyone to ever make you feel shame for your bright and beautiful self.

No more excuses ever again for holding back in any way.

Check out Advanced Style.

And right here is my current favorite.  I LOVE HER!  She is amazing and beautiful and I am now on the look out for a skirt like that...


Justine said...

Love it! This past year has really brought that feeling of "I am really, really, really a grown up now and WHO CARES what I do???" Tu-tu capes with elegant stand up collars that are color coordinated with my hair? Why not!!!!!

Brenda said...

Love that pink skirt!
But,to be truthful...
your blog is the one I read everyday
to remember that I have no excuses and that the only time is right now... :), back I go to my paints and brushes... :)

Nancy said...

Christine - just recently found your blog and love it enough to add it to my short list of regular reads. Also love the Advanced Style blog you referenced! Thanks for sharing!

Tess said...

Yes, I'm an Advanced Style fan too!

Brenda said...

I only viewed one video before commenting last week. On Sunday, since the newspaper was not delivered as expected, me and a cup of tea spent some time reading past posts from Advanced Style...I had so much fun trying to decide which woman I found most inspiring...I now have a slightly altered attitude about my own aging process. Now I believe life will still have joy and sparkle a couple decades from now. All I have to do is decide to make it so by taking care of myself the way these women do. I don't have to worry so much or be sad that life will be passing me by as I age. I see now a future of widening possibilities rather than narrowing ones. really.
Ari Seth Cohen has opened my eyes a little bit.