Monday, April 18, 2011

Back from Retreat

This is where I stayed on my Wee Retreat last week.  It was a lovely, small, quiet bed and breakfast, situated on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institute, only one block up from the edge of the small lake. (A lake that this Great Lake's girl is inclined to call a pond...)

Behind our car Seven, there, you can see that many of the houses/hotels/etc. are still in their bizarre "winter wrappings."  As I walked around the grounds, these large houses shrink wrapped all around me, there were times when I did not see another human being.  Which was awesome.  The geese and ducks and a Great Blue Heron or two were plenty of company.

And the sound of that small lake was enough "noise."  On the first day I was there, there was enough wind to make that lake sound like ocean.  Ahhh...

Though I was only there for two nights, I learned about one million things. I went through some serious demon fights and came out the other side changed and sparkling.

The difference a slice of quiet will make...

I'll try to write about it in bits over the next couple of weeks.

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