Thursday, April 21, 2011

Devotion is My Rest

The chair by the lamp & gas fireplace where I read & journaled

I had one of my biggest realizations of my retreat while still enjoying my first day away from all the noise, clutter, and running of my recent days.

My faith, my devotion...these are my Rest!

I often ask people how they rejuvenate, how they get rest, how they come back to themselves and feel renewed, and I want more than a "salt bath" sort of answer. I knew, instinctively, that there had to be more, something deeper than salt baths, massages, tea...the usual answers to my questions.

I have a prayer life; I go to Mass very regularly; I light candles; I read.

But I do all of this like I have been doing the other things in my life -- quickly and with more obligation than is respectful of anything important.

I had started to even relegate my devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe to a few minutes, a few times a week.  If at all.

But on my retreat, I ended up reading nothing but devotional books. Upon leaving for retreat, I thought I would read more a combination of that and dance related materials.

But once I started reading books like this one, my brain was so relaxed, so happy to have this food again.  And my heart was even happier.

This is a major way my days have changed. I get up, go for a walk, come home, make espresso, and get out Thomas Merton (or whatever is on my list at the moment), read, and then journal.

I start my day not by diving into all the noise that is social media but by diving into my heart and spirit.  I start my day at peace, rested and ready.

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Tess said...

Thanks for this reminder - I don't do it often enough. You're right to refer to it as food. And the book you link to looks very interesting.