Friday, April 29, 2011

Every Spring, It's the Same Old Thing...

Our smallest narcissus in the yard

Things I love about Springtime are obvious, right?

The warm returning, the feel of grass under my feet, going to visit the lake and not freezing, the chartreuse greens, the flowers, the flowers, and did I mention the flowers?

The profusion, the lustiness of it all.

And yet...

Springtime is my least favorite season for how it makes me feel -- physically, emotionally, mentally, all of it.

Every spring, as we open the windows and the outside world comes pouring in, I get tired, confused, over/underwhelmed, spaced out, unmotivated, as well as restless, filled with anxiety, wanderlust-y, energized but not knowing where to put or how to use that energy.

And lately, of course, in many parts of this country, Springtime has been at her most bi-polar. The weather has been violent, and we do get some of that, though not like elsewhere. (Insert prayers for those living in the South...)

Do you have a hard time with this season? Do you have ways you help yourself to adjust?


Tess Giles Marshall said...

It's a really good question, and yes to some extent I do. The relentless possibility of it all. But for me it's summer that I really hate, I feel as if I'll be burned up or suffocated.
My strategy is to leave myself lots of down time to relax, and plenty of alone time - I really cut back on socialising in the summer.

Gracie Breeze said...

Im not a spring girl. While I want to love the blooms and sunshine, I mostly get pummeled by intense allergies and can't get out and enjoy nature in the way that feeds me. The good news is since I cant get out for long walks I do more yoga and that is really renewing for me. I'm all about autumn, that is my power time!

Rochelle said...

I too do not like the is for me much like you wrote - for yourself. It is also somehow linked with bad memories of school and having to go outside. I was one of those kids who was picked on relentlessly....and being outside gave more of my peers a chance to take a swing at me. How do I cope now? I focus on the wildlife all around that are coming out and expressing themselves and I also remind myself that it means that fall and winter are once again closer. also - take walks on the beach.

claire said...

I usually miss most of Spring as I usually return to France in May. By then trees and flowers have had an early start.

I find winter difficult -- fog especially, those dark grey cloudy heavy days that gave their color to my soul, or so it seems.