Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Things Come in Small Packages

From the first moment that I met Graciel in person, I knew we would be friends. This was one of those meetings that only happened because of blogging, and it was a meeting for which I am deeply grateful.

Graciel is a woman who has suffered deeply and we share much in common through suffering, but we also share strong wills and resilience and an innate understanding that there is still joy to be found, that life is beautiful regardless, that fear can be overcome and is worth overcoming.

She is a fellow Warrior.  I know I will always get truth from her. I know she will never stop forging ahead and being an inspiration, no matter how hard things get.

Her beautiful and strong spirit shows through in her writing and even more obviously, I think, in her photographs, and Graciel has just done something stupendous.  Something that made me GASP!

She has taken her writing and her photographs to print. To real, touch-it, hold-it paper!

She is now a magazine publisher, and you can order her work and on a magical day in the near future, the snail (what we call our mail delivery person) will place a glittering package in your mailbox.

She writes about this beautiful project here, and you can order it here.


Lisa said...


Jumping up and down in the Happy Dance!!!!!

I am *so* glad to have been a part of our first in-person gathering. I have *such* fond memories of that day!


Graciel said...

Do you see me bowing to you, dear friend? Oh, you honor me. And you know I think you're incredible. :)

Thank you. So much.

Love, Graciel