Thursday, April 28, 2011

Messy Leadership

This is an exciting week for a friend, as she launches her very first e-workbook and learning circle.

There are a lot of e-products out there, as you know, but what I love about Heather's work is that it is specific to a real need: It aims to help leaders get more creative, allow for mess, open up the tight box from which they work and make others work.

What did you say? You're not a "leader?"  You're probably wrong about that.  Whether you are the literal leader at your place of employment or you are someone who needs to better learn to lead themselves and be an example for others or you are one of the lucky ones working for yourself...this workbook is packed with wisdom and exercises to push you to new levels of exploration and discovery within your field, whatever that field may be.

Well written, well paced, and well packaged, the workbook alone is worth much more than Heather is charging, and there are options to work in a learning circle or work directly with Heather, a woman who is a library of information and inspiration.

Go here for all the information and note that you can download the first eight pages for FREE to get a taste.

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Tess Giles Marshall said...

Thanks for this, Christine, I really like it.