Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perfect Love, Unconditional Love

Sunset from our backyard

I have been told many times in my life (in my younger life, especially) that my idea of unconditional love is a fairy tale.

I didn't realize until quite recently how much I had allowed that toxicity to deform me. (Though when you hear that from the time you are small, one wonders how I could have ever believed that it had not affected me.)

It has been through my devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe (or "our most perfect Mother" as I like to say in my Catholic voice) that I have come to realize the deformity in me and the possibility for reshaping that innocent heart with which I was born.

And by "innocent," I do not mean "naive" but rather, unmarred and pure -- the heart with which we are all born.

I am spending time on my retreat praying and reading about what Perfect Love actually looks like.

Right before my retreat, I got to see a most hideous example of what it does not look like -- a mother being verbally and emotionally abusive in public to a very small girl.  That mother herself was obviously not loved well as a child and now she is giving that same ugly gift to her daughter who will then, most likely, pass it on to the people in her life.

Here's my question: how, first, could you love yourself better?  And how, then, could that change how you express love to everyone around you?


Brenda said...

More good food for thought and contemplation. Thank you again, Christine.

Angela Sweetland Bass said...

I have been reading a few of your posts, and I am finding them so inspirational...Thank you!

claire said...

How can I love myself better? In unlearning of lot of the restrictions that were placed on me as I grew up... All this 'toxicity' that was piled on over the years, and which to this day prevents me from being what Godde created me to be.
Quite a task!
Thank you for this post :-)

Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

Clarifying your intention to love yourself better is a great start. Choosing to believe that you deserve abundance, joy, love...not always easy...but still a choice, is also helpful. Once you truly accept, love and TRUST yourself, the rest comes naturally. JMHO. :) Great blog.