Tuesday, April 19, 2011

QUIET! I Can Hear Myself Think!

The left side of my lovely retreat room

(Note: I know a lot of people have never gone on a retreat or they are nervous about it or just don't understand the point of it...so I thought writing about my experience in some detail would be just the push some of you might need to give yourself this gift.)

When I arrived at my bed and breakfast, there was no one there. The hostess had left me a note at the front door, telling me which room was mine, and it happened to be the best room...right off the sitting room and with a lovely little Victorian couch opposite my bed.

This quiet gave me just the time I needed to transition into my surroundings. No need to chat or socialize. A true blessing for this exhausted introverted-extrovert. (Or as Marcy says about me -- an introvert stuck inside an exhibitionist's body.)

Once I had things unpacked, I decided to take a walk.

Let me start by saying that upon deciding to go on this retreat, I thought I might go a bit nuts. (And I did but not in the way I expected.) I thought I would rebel against the quiet. Hate it, really. I thought it would be too much quiet and that I would end up watching TV or something equally as mind-numbingly stupid.


I took that first walk and it was like I was hearing my own mind and heart for the first time in a long time.  And my voice was strong and clear.

As soon as I got back to the B & B, I started journaling, and I journaled most of my time there.  I would walk, have some insights, write.  Repeat.  Or I would read, come upon insights, walk, write. Repeat.

I did not even listen to music!

I re-learned how much I love to read.  How much I need the voices of other writers to hear my own writing.

I stumbled upon a bunch of Clusters of Duh in a very short time...

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Edie said...

thank you for that... i considered going on a retreat, but was also hesitant as was not quite sure what to expect.

best wishes,