Friday, April 15, 2011

What Makes for Fulfillment?

I get ideas in my head about things/people/books and then I am stubborn about changing those ideas.  For instance, I thought that Tony Robbins was simply some dude in the 1980's who was in some slightly sleazy "make tons of money this way" infomercials.

Then the other day, someone I respect as a blogger posted a video and it was of him and I thought, "What!? Okay, I respect this blogger so I will watch it..."

Now I am absolutely hooked because, as it turns out, Robbins is obsessed with the same question with which I am obsessed:  What is the difference between people who have fulfilled lives and those who don't? In particular, what is the difference between someone who has a rough early life and comes out spiritually mature, etc. and someone who has the same but who does not quite make it?

If you have preconceptions about him, do as I did and watch anyway. You'll be glad you did:


Tess said...

Yes, I do like this video (including the tantalising reminder that Gore could have won, and how different things might be now) and the thoughts he expresses, and I still have slightly mixed feelings about Mr Robbins. I think perhaps because I know someone who went to one of his seminars and described it as a bit like a fundamentalist revival meeting.
But I like what he says here.
On a slightly different note, I always remember a line from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in which Spike meets Adam, season 3(?) villain for the first time. He says something like "Wow, you're just like Tony Robbins would be if he was some big, scary, Frankenstein-looking dude... You're just like Tony Robbins". Always made me laugh.

Edie said...

oh, i love this post. this is the central question i have been asking myself for a few years now.

best wishes,