Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bits of Bliss

I haven't done this in a while.  It has been too long, really, since I have pointed you to other stuff out there on the interwebs (and in real life) that I am loving.  So here we go:

One of my favorite bloggers and someone I have met in person and just immediately adored has a new website. Go check our Lori-Lyn's new Dream Life.

Another favorite blogger whom I have not met but really hope to some day also has a new site, and this one is brand new...Tess has created a space about sacred aging, a space where new ideas about the how of aging for women can be explored.

One of the first bloggers I read on a regular basis (and even went through her archives, eating up all the wisdom), Kimberly Wilson is still inspiring me but in a new way. I admire her ability to focus on her schtuff. Kimberly never wavers from her message, from her primary material. She never participates in discussions that are argumentative, whether they be about the world of yoga or the world at large. She stays out of the mess and I admire her for her class in this arena.

Roots of She is a site that I am starting to spend more time at, and I really love this photo and the Rumi poem.

Rachel, another Brit I very much want to meet, traveled with Himself to Australia and I love her photos from the trip.

One of the women who has been taking my classes since I started teaching has now become a very good friend.  A friend of immense talents: She is an amazing singer and writer. I love this piece she wrote for our local paper about the wildness of Spring.

My favorite band when I was a teenager is back in vogue and getting critical acclaim this time around. I love these photos, and in particular, I am loving Simon's saddle shoes.

I am reading a bunch of books, as usual, but three are real standouts.

For fiction, this book has everything I love.

I am also reading two works of non fiction that could not be more different! Love Wins by Rob Bell could totally change your mind about the state of Christianity and its role in contemporary culture; The Secret of Chanel Number 5 is a fascinating look at the development and importance of this scent.

What are you into right now?


Tess Giles Marshall said...

Thank you for the generous words and link, and yes I hope to meet you some day also! Will enjoy exploring all these other links - what a goldmine.

Lori-Lyn said...

Thank you so much, Christine!

Anonymous said...

Christine, I love all of your "loves" here. I just have one question.
Why do you feel the need to hang on to christianity?
This may sound crass. But I am wondering.
You are beyond intelligent, and loving, and know that love pours out of the deepest part of you.
The Bible is full of such hatred and jealousy and pure evil, especially the old testament. I can't help but feel the person who wrote that book is trying to put a rosy colored lens on a religion and a "holy" book that is responsible for the murder of millions of people. I am sorry. I can't take that lightly.
Don't you know you can live without these harsh containers and confusing fragments of a religion that everyone tries to justify and make sense of? Don't you know that you are pure, eternal love... What brings you to hang on to a book and a system of so much corruption?
Are you afraid if you stopped identifying with it you would lose parts of yourself?
That you would feel "judged" by a supposedly "loving" god?
I am sorry if this sounds harsh. I only wish love for you, but I felt called to ask these questions.

Christine Claire Reed said...

Anonymous, I am publishing your comment though my impulse was NOT to.

First of all, please have some balls and identify yourself. Second, this is an invitation not to read my blog again. My Catholicism is beyond important to me and I find YOU beyond offensive.

Marie said...

Thank you for the links Christine. You always have insightful things to share. I wanted you to know that I am also reading Love Wins and I am finding it extremely thought provoking. Time mag recently had an article about Rob Bell which inspired me to read his book. Have you seen the article? I would love to visit his Church. It is only about 2 hours north of me. Oh, I also think this book inspires us to be tolorant of those who are not so tolorant...such as anonymous. It's not an easy thing to do.
Many Blessings to you

Christine Claire Reed said...

Marie! How lucky you are to live so close to his church. Marcy and I have discussed taking a trip just to go there!

The problem, of course, with anonymous is not the intolerance but the judgments based on ignorance. Also, the assumption that they know anything about my Faith. Candy coating an insult does not hide it for what it is. If Anonymous could see that it is THEIR attitude that is the very problem for which they judge "Christianity."

Christ, of course, does not call me to "tolerate" Anonymous, but rather to LOVE him/her. Which I cannot begin to do because they hide themselves...which I cannot begin to do because this is the part that I will be working on for the rest of my life...which is the point, right? :)