Monday, May 16, 2011

Girl on Fire

(Post title comes from this song.)

I am reading this book about Coco Chanel.

I watched Mao's Last Dancer, as I said in a recent post.

I feel like I am surrounding myself with people who were completely committed to the creation and living of their dreams.

There was nothing...soft about these lives.  Nothing calm.  They were/are people of Big Passion.

Yes. I hear you. We must rest. We must take care of ourselves. Of course.

But what of our inherent fire?  That one in the belly?  It lights us gives us the juice we need to realize our potential.

What happens if we pour water over that fire and call our actions "spiritual?" What are we possibly missing in that act?

What happens when we overdomesticate ourselves? When we value calm for calm's sake and not as a contrast to the excitement that courses through us when we know, we know, we are doing something worth doing?

What happens to the Wild Woman when she is placed in a cage? When her passions are bound? Does she notices the ties that bind if they are made of velvet? Does she notice the cage if it is soft and plush and full of good food?

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Kristina said...

WOW...GD, this was what I needed to read this morning!! Calm for calm's sake and forsaking the fire in your belly, the passion in your soul...these are the EXACT things I've been thinking about! I need to recall the girl I was 15 years ago and channel that energy while embracing the growth and changes that have occurred in my life.

You rock the casbah with this post today, Bliss Chick! Keep 'em comin'! :)