Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No More Snow!

To say that it is hard to take pictures of me is a major understatement. I hate it. I am difficult. I grouch in front of the camera.

So for weeks on end now, I have been saying to Marcy, "I need some new photos for my seasonal blog header..."

To which she sanely replies, "Will you be good?"

And then nothing comes of it. Because I hate it. And I am not good.


Then today, someone commented that perhaps I had gotten a head cold because I am still sitting on an ice dune.


Point taken.  Point won.

So, if you are in a reader, head over to Blisschick, which now has her official Spring look.  Finally. Now that it is closer to SUMMER...

Oh, dear...must ask Marcy about summer photos...


Meg said...

Ooh! They are BEAUTIFUL! The snow didn't bother me, but I am loving those new photos!

Tess Giles Marshall said...

It looks really great - zesty and growthy.

Brenda said...

oh my! What a very pretty new look for the new season. However, I liked the old season look as well.
Maybe, as long as there is a pink tutu...all is well!

Tangerine Meg said...

Love the pink layered ruffles, both dress and flower, and the playground portrait of your dancer's feet! Beautiful!