Monday, May 30, 2011

The Real Wars are Not Being Fought

There are battles worth fighting, and they are of the interior variety. These are the battles humans are avoiding when we decide to take our battles outside ourselves. These are the battles we project into weaponry, competition, wars.

If we fought the real battles with vigor and intent, then we would have peace in the world. Softening our spiritual lives, watering them down, avoiding them altogether... only adds to the bloody wars of guns and invasion, because we become weak of heart and spirit. We must exercise the soul and then we will have the strength to stop hurting one another.


Meredith said...

This is so beautiful: The pathway to peace on earth. It's so, so, difficult...will we ever reach a state of peace among us all? But this concept gives me hope that it is not impossible.

Ellen said...

Words of wisdom Bliss Chick. And that lily photo turned out real nice. Wow. From last year I assume.

Christine Claire Reed said...

THAT is a close up of a rhododrendon! From just a week ago. :)

Anonymous said...

That photo is soo amazing. I could see a little photography book with your quotes under it :)