Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Spring has finally fully sprung, and in celebration, I decided to get a head cold. YAY!

I am recovering enough to be sarcastic.

I am also recovering enough to go outside and spend some of this day soaking in some amazing weather and reading and perhaps planting some seeds for greens for our indoor rabbits.

I will not be spending the day writing brilliant and insightful blog posts, obviously, since the head cold has left me rather brain-less.


Patty. said...

Spring and summer colds are the worse. Maybe it's because you are still sitting on an ice dune. I was at the beach last week-end the snow has all melted now. Not to rush you in changing your header picture or anything. I love snow but even I'm glad to see it gone. :^)

Brenda said...

May you have a wonderfully refreshing and relaxing day!

TC said...

I'm glad to see the snow gone, too. Head colds are the worst but sarcasm is definitely a good sign. I had to laugh, BlissChick because I just started my blog last week and you made the first ever comment on it. Seems that should be worth something enormous! I balked a bit since I had commented on the Mary statue and yet my blog is full of swear words. Aw well, start where you are is my motto. Feel better.

Rebekah said...

I hope you're feeling better. Sending ((Hugs)) + soup.