Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thinking/Seeing with the Whole of the Body

I am, in particular, fascinated by the part of this film that displays the life of the performer's back (at minute 3:44). Most of us ignore our back body. Even dancers tend to focus on the front body. Butoh is exceptional in its exploration of the edges of the whole body, and though, as one friend put it, it is a little "creepy," it has much to teach us about perspective, about missing parts of ourselves, about challenge.

When we begin to desire change, when we begin to understand that we must make different choices in order to move from dreamtime to real time, an important exercise can be to look at your life right now and the life you want from a different perspective.  Turn it around.

But also, "look" at it with different parts of yourself. If you tend to use your mind, look with your heart, and vice versa.

Above all, though, look with the entirety of your body.

How do you do this, you may be asking.

Put on some music that you've never moved to before. I recommend something along the lines of Philip Glass or Zoe Keating (a couple of current favorites).

Outline in your mind what it is you want some clarity about. Then just stop thinking about it and start moving. At some point, something will come to you. I promise. You may have to try a few times; you may have to go through the process of learning to trust the process...but eventually, it works. For everyone.

Our bodies are wise. They are the gateway to our souls. They are the vehicle and the passenger all in one.

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