Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Devotion to Passion Looks Like, Redux

If you've not watched Mao's Last Dancer, do. It's worth your time. The dancing is excellent and no body doubles. The lead is played by a ballet dancer whose parents were two of the real "Mao's last dancer's" original teachers in China.

I am thinking a lot about him, Li.

His devotion to his passion reminds me, again, of something I learned the last time I was at Kripalu.

Something I learned...

Really?  Because I may have thought about what she said, I may be thinking about Li's actions in that film, but did I, will I really learn this?

It reminds me, too, of a post I just read that nails it.

We find it. The thing. Then we have to BE it.

We are responsible to it.

Scary, beautiful, amazing, frightening stuff...

Are you holding yourself accountable to your dreams? To your calling? To your passion?

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