Friday, May 27, 2011

What If...

This statue is in the center of a ring of tombstones in our city cemetery. That particular ring and central statue has affected my life deeply and in many ways, and this past week, it attracted me again...

And I see her atop the world, looking beyond her known surroundings, beyond her known self.

And I think to myself, what if?

What if I completely believed in all of this love in my life?

What if I trusted totally in the support with which I am held?

What if I owned the story of Me that resides in my heart?

What if I let go of the old stories that only create cobwebs of confusion and mistrust?

What if I believed in all that I say I believe in? Resurrection and redemption and retelling...

What if I leapt?

1 comment:

Alfred said...

My daddy used to say, "What if the rabbit hadn't stopped in the middle of the road to do it's business?" Also, there used to be an Erie Blogger who had a blog titled What If.