Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gluten Brain Fog, Part One Million

Marcy and I were at the Chautauqua Institution for part of the weekend (more on that another time), and we walked down to my favorite part of the lakefront there and ended up taking some photos that I actually...liked.  Weird.

Hellloooooo, GLITTER Kitty!!

I have Gluten Fog Brain today and I am feeling pretty upset with myself for it.  While we were away, I thought I shouldn't bother the kitchen with my gluten free needs. I mean, how dramatic and attention-seeking is that!?

So instead, I thought I could just be careful on my own.


There is potential gluten everywhere, and I got some.  I deserved it.  I need to learn to stand up for myself and take better care of myself.  I will never again not inform hosts that I have special and important needs.

Because this feels awful.  Yesterday, I could barely think a cohesive, non-paranoid thought.

My gluten intolerance started very early in my life. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel by the time I was about ten. This is a huge red flag.  As I got older, it started affecting my brain, which I was unaware of, and so I have spent my entire life thinking I am somehow broken or crazy, when really? I just needed to eat a bit differently.

To say this angers me is an understatement.

Especially since I found out that as early as 1959, physicians were talking about the connection between gluten sensitivity and things like depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, etc.

Think about that!  Since 1959!  Now...think about all the women who were institutionalized and then electroshocked or given crap treatments like "cold bath therapy."

Think about all the people, right now, popping pills and then not feeling better and blaming themselves...


Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

I know how you feel. I wasn't planning on mentioning my gluten intolerance - and didn't until I arrived - but was happy I did. Sure, I still felt off from being away from home (I don't travel well), but I felt like I minimized some of the damage.

It was great meeting you this weekend. Look forward to reading your blog in the future!

Emma said...

Great photos!

Just to toss this into the mix, when I am organizing something with food I really appreciate when people volunteer their dietary needs so that we can be sure everyone has something good to eat. This just came up on Sunday night when we had two soups for a group and it turned out one person could not eat gluten. One soup DID have gluten and it made me realize how close we'd come to not being able to feed her. Eek! Let's all speak out about our dietary needs so we can all eat together happily!

Ro Ro said...

oh boy...now you have me thinking. Get better soon and thanks for continuing to write anyway! ;-)

svasti said...

LOVE the pink kitty t-shirt and I'm jealous you're wearing sandals :)

So, they've known about this connection since 1959. Wow, add this to the list of stuff therapists don't share. Like how chronic trauma weakens the immune and adrenal systems and how all of that is linked to things like thyroid dis-ease.

It's why I've started talking about it, too. Anyone with chronic anxiety or trauma should be making sure their physical needs are met as well. This probably has to be done by someone else, as those in trauma/anxiety mode don't usually have the capacity for this.

And yes, I was incredibly surprised to discover the last of my anxiety was resolved by taking an amino acid. Why didn't I know about this sooner, eh? Why didn't any of the therapists I saw explain this important link. It could've saved me a LOT of grief and lessened some of the pain.

Angry, indeed.

Deb said...

AWESOME pix! That stretch is sooo gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

love you christine. have you ever read or researched parasites? i read that about 90% of us have them (not tape worms, but microparasites).. and they cause ALL sort of problems, including depression and food intolerance (others: aching muscles/joints, allergies, etc). I feel like it would be worth looking into. I know of a good parasite cleanse called humaworm at humaworm.com. They seem like a very reputable, old company. Have you also heard of the naturopath in Erie named Gay Hilton? You can look her up. She works at Integrative Wellness Options (right next to the co-op). She is very good, and checks for parasites. Here is her site with her lecture about parasites. http://www.acu-nu.com/news.html Anyway I just thought of these things. So glad to see you smiling! :)