Friday, June 24, 2011

Link Love & Hugs

Go here to see where Marcy and I will be spending much relaxing time over this (official) summer!

This woman's workbook (FREE!) is really rockin' my goal-setting world. Well, if I actually had a goal-setting happens to be something I totally SUCK at, and she is helping me, or her workbook is helping me, to stop sucking quite so much. Furthermore, the fact that I am endorsing a workbook is amazing because I tend to generally suck at those, too -- no matter their content, but especially if the content is asking me to name and narrow my ideas about my life and where I want to go with it and all that sort of scary shite.

I found said Wonder Woman through this other, long loved Magic Maker of Sparkle-osity.

As I admitted honestly (and with no pride in the matter whatsoever) on twitter*, in the past, I have totally not gotten (due to my own thickheadedness) this woman's work. Now I LOVE it! Like, what was up with me!? I have no idea but I have seen the (ducky) light.

Which reminds me, quite a few weeks ago, I gave back into brainwashing hypnotizing twitter. Are you following me or what!?

Have I mentioned this man's singing bowls? He rocks 'em. Big time. Really. When I sit and listen to his stuff, the writing just pours out of me. I write about ten times more than I intend, AND I use it before bed to calm my mind and scrub away the daily ICK so that I don't have so many of those damn nightmares that are always chasing away my sleep. (He is NOT providing me with good chocolate to say this. Which is a shame but also the truth.)

This blog is always great but this post was especially beautiful in its honesty and its optimism.

Here is a new dancing friend who is full of inspiration.

One thing I do love about twitter even though it is evil is that it is another way to get to know people and the 140 character limit, which is just virtual chatting, tells you a surprising amount about someone -- like if you were in a coffee shop and kept hearing snippets of stories. Here's someone I am getting more glimpses of and really adoring.

And finally, an important conversation in the yoga community that revealed some of the biggest problems I encounter in said community.  People assume they know too much about your body and mind and heart, that's for sure. And as I point out in the comments, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  Sigh.  Big kudos to eco-yogini for standing her (classy) ground.


Eco Yogini said...

thank for your beautiful and kind words! You don't know how much I have appreciated them during this conversation. :)

Also- thank you for these links! I'm looking forward to discovering them :)


cynthia gunsinger said...

christine! thanks so much for your kind words about the workbook...i am so glad you are finding it helpful!! great link-love post, perfect for #gratitudefriday!

Andrea said...

Awww. I adore you Christine.