Friday, June 17, 2011

Medicine Makes Me Sick & LOVE IS THE CURE

(A frog on a turtle at one of our favorite places)

Literally. Medicines make me sick.  Long, long ago, when I very first met that sweet frog in the above photo, we thought we should do things the way other people do them, and so when my depression and anxiety seemed too big for me or us to handle, I went to the doctor, said the right things, and got my prescriptions.

Which made me immediately and profoundly ill, including by increasing my never-before-so-physically-expressed-inclination-to-hurt-myself.

That sweet and oh-so-wise frog got rid of those pills post-haste and proclaimed, "We will figure this out ourselves, no matter how long it takes..."

And it's not been easy.  Pills can seem easy, and they numb you, so they can even feel easy, but I've yet to meet one single person who has been "made better" by them. I've yet to meet one single person, who, really, has any improvement beyond the numbing, which, when you feel so badly, certainly can feel like an improvement of sorts.
(*Though I should not have to note this, I will: I am not referring to extreme psychiatric illness wherein the patient is actually a possible harm to themselves or others. End of the obvious...)

Fast forward 17 years and we have done it ourselves. It has been damn hard, but it has been honest. It has been real. It has been my own journey and not some side-effect riddled, pharmaceutical induced, big money (not)joy ride.

This is all to explain why I get so freaking furious when I read about all the damage these damn drugs are doing to people.  Besides NOT helping, oh, wow, they are actually HURTING.

It is evil.  There is no other word.  And it is evil, because these companies have been fully aware of what they have been up to.

I think of all the people out there who were not lucky enough to meet a sweet frog.  All the people who were not lucky enough to be made immediately ill by these pills.  All the people out there unlucky enough to feel just that tiny bit better which has kept them hoping, well, maybe the next drug will be the one...

Guess what? It won't be. Because it's all fraud from the ground up.



And all the people out there who are relatively well?  You remember that, too -- LOVE IS THE CURE.

Give it away for free, ya know?

And read stuff like this so we can all stay angry enough to love each other better.


lorilyn said...


Emma said...

Oh, don't you know you're going to get an Emma comment on this? ;)

I have to say that I understand your overall point and in many respects I agree with you.

But you do know at least one person, by extensive, who has benefited greatly from pharmaceuticals. My significant other. Maybe you're including him in the category of extreme psychiatric illness, but I don't know...

You are correct that there is a TON of evil in this industry.

It's just not true that the drugs never help people, though. I have been watched mental illness turn someone I love into someone almost unrecognizably impaired. Then, a highly skilled psychiatrist worked to prescribe the right combination of pills that are directly responsible for re-revealing the wonderful, injured person underneath. With that assistance, he is able to work HARD on healing in other ways, including working with a therapist.

Maybe all this falls in the category of 'extreme psychiatric illness,' but I feel I have to mention it.

I guess there are tons of people out there trying to medicate away non-disabling feelings. I think that is true. I don't seem to know those people, though. Maybe those are the only people you are talking about.

I just want to add that it has been a long, hard journey for us, too. With pharmaceuticals in the mix, it has still be real and honest. (There have also been very few side-effects.)

Love is massively important. But medication has tremendously helped my partner and if somehow I could have loved him even more...that would not have done the trick instead. I loved him 100% when he was too depressed to move any muscle of his body and when he had psychotic breaks and when panic prevented him from leaving the house for days and days. Love alone couldn't break those strangleholds on him.

Christine Claire Reed said...

I did not use the term never, thus my "obvious aside." And yes, Emma, from your own description, from what I know about your significant other, I would put him in the extreme category. And you know that is not a judgment. That is where the meds can save people's lives. Again, the reason for my note.

Brija said...

I'm really glad you posted this and knowing I'm not the only one going drug-free gives me comfort. I never tried antidepressants even though several doctors have tried to prescribe them to me, it's very hard to go your own path. agree
I'm glad you've got your sweet frog! Without mine looking after me and believing that I can recover I don't know what I'd do. If only doctors could prescribe them to all the people who need one!