Sunday, June 19, 2011

Most Mental Illness is Manufactured

It's been a while since we've heard from PissedChick and here we go...

First of all, the disclaimer that I am a little tired of writing: I am not referring in this post to someone who is so "ill" that they are in danger of hurting themselves or others. Period.  (Though I might be, considering the results Finland has had treating severe schizophrenia with relationship rather than pills.)

Second, this is a response to the post I wrote on Friday in which I dared to assert that love is the cure and not pills. Forget the fact that a large portion of the medical establishment agrees with me. No, I mean, really, forget that fact because I don't trust them when it comes to matters of the mind.

Third, educate yourself. It's the only way to survive and thrive.

But to begin, let's imagine a little scenario, shall we?

Let's say you go to the doctor because you have a cluster of physical symptoms, and based on that cluster -- but with no actual evidence derived, say, from tests! -- the doctor diagnoses you with a form of cancer and starts treatments based on that not-supported-in-any-way diagnosis.

You would go to another doctor, right? At least, I hope you would, since this physician is clearly a freaking nutbag!



When it comes to matters of our minds, we believe them when they say "it's chemical," without actually being able to test said chemicals. Without even knowing themselves exactly how all of this works.  (Again, educate yourself. I am not making this up. It's all out there. Just look at the number of books written by MEDICAL DOCTORS in the last year about the racket that is pharmacology in mental health.)

When it comes to matters of our minds, we believe them when they say "it's genetic," again without them actually being able to point out said genes, and without them, of course, taking into consideration that we have never ever been able to separate "nurture" from "nature," and that perhaps -- just perhaps -- something that looks "genetic" (i.e. familial) is actually maybe -- just maybe -- in the environment (i.e. FAMILIAL).

Now, the question becomes why do we believe this load of shite when it comes to our minds? A load we would never ever even consider when it comes to our physical bodies?

Because we want to.

Yes. I said that.

Because we want to.

Why else would placebos work just as well as the pills?

Because we want to believe we are being helped.

To complicate this whole thing, please, take ten minutes of your life and look into the historical evolution of the idea of mental illness. Discover for yourself that ideas of mental illness change over time -- and not because of anything concrete but because of CULTURE. Discover for yourself that ideas of mental illness are also tied to place. Why is that?, you may wonder.

Start wondering, for God's sake, START WONDERING because curiosity is your greatest weapon in this war.

(If you're new to this whole thinking outside the box thing, please start reading this website. The author is amazingly thorough and completely COURAGEOUS. And read here, too.  Also, if I have offended you in any way, so what. This is life and death, and we are being killed in many ways by these "medicines." Furthermore, I am writing for people who are ready to move on and get better. No more pussy footing around here. And in conjunction with that, I will no longer use the words "mental illness," but I will from here on out use "mental injury.")

(NOTE: Comment rules for this post: I will not post comments that clearly demonstrate the post has not been thoroughly read. I will not post comments that do not take my disclaimer into consideration.)


Susan said...

Well w00t! on all that Christine! Spot on!!

We truly have been conditioned to buy into the BS of the mental health system to identify with being "sick" haven't we? I know I did - and many of my poly-pharmacy-survivor friends did too.

And you know what?

It wasn't until I escaped that I even realized what had happened to me.

Thanks for joining the resistance to the lie of corporate induced sickness that pads the pockets of the few on the lives sacrificed by the many.

Kudos Christine.

Brija said...

Again I'm so glad someone thinks the same way about 'mental illness'. It is terrifying the way people will agree to be labelled, diagnosed and medicated without so much as slight curiosity about the whole process. When that whole 'antidepressants no better than placebos' thing came out I thought that would help but it just got ignored and when I brought it up with medical professionals I was dismissed.
'Mental injury' is a much better phrase, I like it and I think I will use it. Injury implies something definite, something that will heal. Thanks for the insight.

Eco Yogini said...

Very interesting. In combination with your previous post on medications- my friend growing up was diagnosed with Bi-polar. She was on every single medication they could give her (three double side pages worth) over the course of her adolescence and early twenties.

She told me once that she NEVER felt happy, sure the drugs kept her from cycling through manic and depressed, but they kept her always just below happy.

About three years ago, she decided to go off her meds, slowly with the help of her physician. And she did. And she's doing well! She doesn't need them.

I'm so proud of her.

Gretchen said...

Thank you so much for responding to my comment yesterday. I really enjoy reading your posts and am interested to read the links you gave us in this post to educate myself further.

Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

Wonderful blog. I'm definitely sharing this. I've lost almost all faith in pills, at this point. I was talked into putting my daughter on Zoloft, years ago, against my better judgement. Wish I had followed my intuition, as this almost led to tragedy (there but for the grace of the Universe). I am learning alternative ways to heal from all of my own mental wounds...and so is she. It's working so much better than any drug.

Christine Claire Reed said...

Brija, Yes, there is constantly new evidence coming out that more damage is being done than any amount of good, and yet, it gets ignored time and time again. Money. :(

Bettina, We can only do what we know and understand at the time, and we can just be grateful that we never stop learning. :)

Jaliya said...

Your cancer analogy is spot-on, Christine.

About seven years ago, I told my MD that I wanted to titerate gradually off an SSRI that I'd been taking for about 7 yrs. He said, "If you were diabetic and dependent on insulin, what do you think I'd say to your idea about going off the SSRI?"

How far we've all come since then. When I last saw my MD, about two weeks ago, I said, "What would you say to me if I told you that I've been taking cocaine every day for the last 15 years?" (I've never touched the stuff and never will.)

His eyes widened; he drew a breath, then said, "I ... would tell you it's not a good idea ..."

"I *have* been taking a drug daily for the last 15 years. What, really, is the difference?"

Stopped him cold. He's an excellent doctor and a good person. I'm challening him now re: psycho- drugs. He's beginning to consider that my point of view has credence. I've said to him, more than once: "It's a crap shoot, isn't it?" (re: the Rx) "Yes, it is," he admits.

My body and brain are paying the price for having been on only *one* drug for the past 15 years, and I am going to begin a withdrawal. The Rx had a few miraculous effects -- truly -- during the first few months and into about the fourth year of ingestion. Since then ... ENOUGH.

Whitaker's book is a godsend. So is Peter A. Levine's *In an Unspoken Voice* --> It's the best guidebook I've seen for a sensory-based path beyond the aftermaths of traumatic shock.