Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Sublime Zoe Keating & How the Cello Cleaned My Insides

Monday evening, Marcy and I and two friends ventured to Cleveland to the Beachland Ballroom to see avant-garde composer and cellist, Zoe Keating.

I have been loving her music for some months now, and as soon as I started to use it in my movement teaching, I noticed something special about it:  Zoe's music is topped by nothing else (so far) in its ability to bring out the deepest levels of body honesty to which I have been witness.  Something about her work unveils people.

I knew that seeing her live would be wonderful, but it was beyond anything I could have anticipated. She is sublime. There are not enough words.

First, hearing her work live felt like a cello-induced reiki session. An energy healing. A bath of sound and vibration that scrubbed out my insides, that filled me with optimistic joy and vitality.

Second, she, herself, was truly inspiring. I kept thinking about the thousands and thousands of hours of dedication to this thing that she loves beyond reason.

That level of love is what separates the great from the average.

Here is a short film about her that captures her personality and work life beautifully, and here is her Flickr stream, which demonstrates how her artistry permeates every single thing about her.

Marcy took some awesome photos of Zoe and our time in Cleveland here.


LauraX said...

gorgeous Christine...I can feel her music filling me and moving though wonderful for you and your students...I reposted the video on FB with a link to you so others can share this experience and meet you too if they don't know you yet!'s been so long since I last dropped by...lots going on here at the gnome mound.

blessings soulful inspire me always!

ensouling said...

There was something about her that reminded me of Amanda Palmer, and sure enough, she played on the album Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

She's wonderful, Christine, thank you so much for the introduction. I love, love cello, but I'm weird about it as I don't like classical music. But what she's doing is fresh and soulful. Lovely.

Lisa Marie Tsering said...

I just got my hands on a Zoe Keating CD today! Thanks for introducing her to me. Her music is beyond beautiful!