Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Teetering on Knowing

Though this photo is not something you would use for a "photo," if you know what I mean, there are a couple of things about my personality that Marcy captured in this shot.

First, if you look at it bigger, you will see that my mouth is FLAPPING. It usually is. I am...chatty. It's how I figure this thing called Life out. I talk it through. I talk out ideas. I talk out my plans. I talk about solutions to problems. Marcy calls me MonkeyBird for good reason. So even when she is trying to take my picture, I am talking, and in this case, I am talking out my discomfort because I cannot stand to be in front of the camera.

Second, just look at what I am doing. I am trying to find my place, get balanced, and I am doing so in a rather...precarious manner. I mean, check out my twisted ankles and splayed feet and keep in mind it had been raining so those rocks are slick. I never choose easy. I am always just a bit off-balance. I tend to often...almost...fall.  It's like I don't have a real sense of the edges of my body and their relationship to the outside world.

But I think this is what makes me a wonderful dancer and a good movement teacher.

It also can be what makes things a bit more difficult for me than they have to be, but some of us are built like that...built to really test ourselves.  And that's okay.


Rachel @ Suburban Yogini said...

I think it is a photo you would use as a photo. I think it's absolutely wonderful!

Svasti said...

I giggled a lot as I read this because in many ways, you could be describing my own approach to life. Teetering and out on the edges indeed... ;)

Melita said...

i really like this photo! i love candid shots like this & the post was great! :) hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Christine.. this feels like it comes from a place of calm deep self acceptance.. it is so wonderful to see and hear that form you. it feels so real and genuine. i am so happy for you.